eDiagnosis Method:

This method is for those who are far away, in different locations and regions in the world. When they need help, they can send relevant information to us via email. The clinical symptoms that come in are our focus of concern. After collecting the relevant information, we will assess the data, and then give our diagnostic analysis. Upon request, we will give our recommendations on how to prevent and treat.

With Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), diagnosis theory, methodology, observation, hearing, inquiry, and symptom differentiation are crucial. In TCM theory, the five internal organs are coordinated with one another, the qi and blood are connected, and the balance between yin and yang is maintained. The functional activities of internal organs will be manifested externally, such as the color of the face, hands, ears, eyes, skin, and tongue. The color change, among other signs, can indicate the health of the body.

According to the classic theory and thousands of years of observation, the changes in the health of the internal organs of the human body will reflect within the color and texture of the hands; Key patterns and markers become visible on the hand which are then diagnosable.

Photos of right and left hands are required:

  • From the wrist to the fingertip, front and back
  • The wrist of the little finger to the side of the fingertip
  • The wrist of the thumb to the side of the fingertip
  • Should be 8 pictures in total

In modern Western medicine, diagnosis and treatment technology is very important for the prevention and treatment of diseases. Routine blood test report, genetic test, CT/MRI, marker, pathology report, etc. It is important for us to combine the two systems to achieve a more holistic and comprehensive result in diagnosis and treatment and to help taking early and timely preventive treatment measures. This requires a broad and profound understanding of both modern and traditional medical knowledge.

To order eDiagnosis click the PayPal button for payment. Take a picture of your hands, state whether you are male or female and email the pictures to Dr Liu at greentea@ymgreentea.com with subject "Personal eDiagnosis". In a few days you will recieve Dr. Liu will respond with his analysis.

eDiagnosis Price - $60.00